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4-13-08:   Musical afternoon with Jeff Pecon and his band.
The audience enjoying the reception at the Rathskeller at the
Alpine Village Restaurant.


 8-20-08:  MaryCay Freiberg, President of the UWM Slovenian Arts Council reviews Father Jože Gole's
life and accomplishments with the assembled crowd at Triglav Park in Wind Lake, Wisconsin.


President Freiberg presented Father Jože Gole with the 2008
UWM Slovenian Arts Program Award of Service in the form of a flame-shaped acrylic memento.


Darko Berginc, Mike Maren and Nick Krmpotich socialize and sing Slovenian songs for Father Gole.


In appreciation of Father Jože Gole, the USPEH Slovenian Chorus sang several of his favorite Slovenian songs.


9-26-08:  More than 240 fourth and fifth grade students from neighboring schools, General Mitchell and Irving,
attended a presentation by Majda Koren, the prize winning Slovenian author, of children books at the
West Allis Public Library.


Majda Koren, Slovene author, entertained the children by reading excerpts from her new book titled,
"Louisa from Outer Space."


The Honorable Mayor of West Allis, Dan Devine, proclaimed September 26, 2008, "Slovenian Arts and Culture Day"
The display window at the West Allis Public Library.


Many Slovenian artifacts were on display for the children to learn about Slovenia.

 9-26-08: In closing of the "The Slovenain Arts and Culture Day,"
the USPEH Chorus presented a mini concert of Slovenian songs for the audience to enjoy.


 8-19-09:  MaryCay Freiberg shared a review of Dr. Zvone Žigon's lifetime commitment
and vast contribution to preserve and promote Slovenian Arts and Culture in the United States and Slovenia.


Judy Price, Vice President of the UWM Slovenian Arts Council presented Dr. Žigon with the 2009
UWM Slovenian Arts Program Service Award in the form of a beautifully inscribed crystal plaque.


The UWM Slovenian Arts Council members celebrating Dr. Zvone Žigon.


0-24-09: "Fantje na vasi," a men's a cappella singing group from Cleveland, Ohio, performed at the
UWM Zelazo Center.  This event was sponsored by the UWM Slovenian Arts Council. 
 Their song selection as well as their singing quality was excellent.


2-16-10:   A celebration of  Prešeren, Slovenia's greatest poet was held at the West Allis Public Library.
His poetry was recited in Slovenian by Helenca Frohna and in English by Mici Bregant.


Following the recitation of each of Prešeren's poems, the Prešeren Vocal Ensemble sang the words set to music
by Slovenian composers.  The singers included Al Chandek, Mary and Shep Crumrine, MaryCay Freiberg,
Jan and Tom Gehm, Dolores Ivanchich and Frank Wozniak.  Charlotte Villwock was on keyboard.


8-31-10: More than 70 Slovenians and friends attended a tour of Frank Murn's home and his 165 acre prairie farm.  
They saw Frank's blooming fields of prairie flowers, gristmill, and the hay-drying rack (kozolec).


A roadside shrine honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary and Child Jesus greeted everyone as they rode to Frank's home.


The UWM Slovenian Arts Council presented Frank Murn with a token of appreciation for enabling the group to see his beautiful home,
 his eclectic art collection as well as the profusion of blooming fields of prairie flowers.


10-22-10:       The UWM Slovenian Arts Council hosted "The Singing Slovenes" from Duluth, Minnesota
under the direction of Frank Bucar.  They performed in Slovenian costume and sang familiar Slovenian
songs that came to this country by Slovene immigrants.


10-22-10:      Before "The Singing Slovenes" program, Judy Price presented the
UWM Slovenian Arts Program 2010 Service award to a very familiar Slovene, Frank Bevsek.


4-3-11:   "Melodies of Slovenia" program at City of Greenfield Library
featuring Tony Gorenc playing favorite Slovenian music selections.


Dolores Ivanchich singing familiar Slovene songs accompanied by Tony Gorenc.


Dolores Ivanchich, soloist, singing a traditional Slovenian song.

Audience at the Greenfield Library listening to the Melodies of Slovenia program.


6-18-11:      Making their USA debut at the UWM Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts, 
Perpetuum Jazzile, a pop jazz a cappella group from Slovenia.






Reception following the Perpetuum Jazzile performance.


The Prešeren Vocal Trio
Singing at Prešeren Day of Culture program on 2-4-12 at the West Allis Public Library.
Frank Wozniak / Dolores Ivanchich / Al Chandek


Exhibit board of Prešeren, his life and poetry, displayed at Day of Culture program.


City of West Allis Library exhibit board honoring Slovenia’s 20th year of Independence.


MaryCay Freiberg speaking to the members of the Port Washington
Senior Center about Slovenia, its culture and traditions.


Table display of Slovenia facts, artifacts and different publications.


Port Washington Senior Center members eating homemade potica
while Tony Gorenc serenades them with Slovenian melodies.


Slovenian composer, Damijan Močnik, visiting with Dolores Ivanchich and Mici Bregant
on his recent visit to the UWM campus for the premiere of his Christmas Cantata, "Venit Lumen".


France Prešeren Day 2013
Jeff Martinka, Dolores Ivanchich, Milly Mursec, Denise Bartlett.



An Afternoon of Appreciation for Slovenian Fine Arts
UWM Golda Meir Library
Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jeff Martinka - President


Dean Dr. Scott Emmons


Cellist Phillip Bregant
Violinist Eric Ash


Louise Zamparutti - Playwright of Identita


Rebecca Littman - Music Librarian


The Slovenian Ambassador, Dr. Božo Cerar surrounded by SAC members.

From left to right:
Denise Bartlett - Mici Bregant - Helen Frohna - Dr. Božo Cerar-Christina Carroll-Dolores Ivanchich-Mark Skof.


Dr. Božo Cerar, Associate Provost Ewa Barczyk, President Jeff Martinka, UWM Music Librarian Rebecca Littman


Master Singers of Milwaukee




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